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A long cherished dream has come true through this college “ Gandhi Smarak Dev Nagri College” established in 1997. It is situated on triangle Meerut-Mawana-Kithore on the auspicious holy land of the famous Mahabharatian times king Parikshit away 24 km from mawana bus stand Meerut. It will better to have a glance on theprehistorical back ground of the establishment of this College without acknowledge of parental College Gandhi Smarak Dev Nagri Inter College Parikshigarh, it will not be possible to glance over it. It was started in 1942 as higher secondary school. Afterwards continuous efforts have been made to upgrade the parental College.

At last the efforts proved fruitful and brought a new hope for the rural people under the Chairmanship & Leadership of Shri Shiv Kumar Tyagi (Resident of village Poothi) who take the responsibility on his shoulder to establish this college. Not only he but all others the Principal, the staff teachers & other honorable village people contributed a lot in assisting & collecting the funds for the building, Lab, Library of the College.

Undoubtedly, we all owe or bow down to the efforts made by Shri Shiv Kumar Tyagi Chairman/Secretary of the college for his ceaseless efforts to upgrade activities after the establishment of this college. Especially a long cherished reverie has come true in providing the education for the girls. Who have to suffer a lot because of not having the educational facilities. Now it is a great help to the girls rural/regional to join the stream line

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